Iphone 4 touch screen losing sensitivity

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. In Phone Application: I spoke with Apple Tech on this matter for over an hour. I did do reboot, clear data, with no positive results. It might be time to try restoring your iPhone to its original settings. I recommend performing a DFU restore. I got my 1st original cracked screen replaced by another screen by a local shop here in Darwin Australia. It also got cracked few weeks back but touch was fine untill few days ago.

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Now it is totally unresponsive. It works in between rarely but i have rebooted it many times with no improvement. My iPhone X screen has stopped responding for the second time.

So in 6 months I am about to get my third screen. Between this and various issues with my other apple products, I am getting disillusioned and thinking disloyal thoughts for my future purchases. And since mt touch screen doesnt work, hOw can i reboot it. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

Enter your email address below: Posted by: Walt Seng says: July 2, at 7: Kumara says: September 13, at 9: Lisa says: August 23, at 6: Usman says: October 21, at December 28, at Christian says: January 26, at 4: Jack says: January 27, at 5: Arfa says: February 18, at 9: Kaity says: March 27, at 6: Shivam says: May 11, at 3: David says: July 9, at Salman Khan says: Works fine!!!

Playing around with turning each one back on individually.

11 Steps to Fix Your Broken Touch Screen

Seems like turning them off and cleaning the touch button helped. Another site suggests turning off hey siri as fyi. Thanks for the tip. James M. The problem is like a string of christmas lights that sometimes works until someone walks by the tree. A tiny trace in the motherboard serving the M1 pad under the meson chip just doesn't make good contact when the phone is subject to normal flexion from daily use. It can be solved though. This look touch ic disease and in 6plus this happen usually and need to soldering and replaced the touch IC chips for the logic board.

I faced the same problem - iPhone not responsive to touch. I've tried hard re-set and a few other ways without success until I removed the Screen Protector I've installed when I first bought the phone. Had the same issue as most of you above; however, in my case it turned out to be a swollen battery. It was not visible but it was swollen as stated by Apple employee. A replacement phone cost me 80 bucks.

That's hilarious.

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I had opened the phone and verified it personally, they tried the "swollen battery" BS with him as well. BTW--my team discovered touch disease and have fixed more cases of it than any private group in the world. The geniuses at the Apple Store would not even be able to point to the touch controller chips on the logic board.

Noah Theobald ntheobald. You'll pay the cost of a display replacement, but they'll replace the entire phone, as this is an issue with a component on the logic board. Brad Lowe. A very light amount of force was needed.. There are some fixes explained at this site, click here. Touch disease couldn't be more of a classic hardware fault. It is definitely not software. This is the single most well described problem in any iPhone. If your phone is otherwise okay, check and clean the contact clips. Very little room to mess up, be cautious.

My phone was erratic for the longest time. I blamed my cracked screen until yesterday. CHECK your ribbon connector reciever ports. The size was about as big as one of the contacts in a cable, hard to see!

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  7. SOLVED: Touchscreen randomly becomes unresponsive - iPhone 6 Plus - iFixit.

I used a razor blade to get it out as it was the only thing thin enough to fit. My iphone 6plus works like new again! Aruna aruna. David Baraff. I think it's a software issue. I am guessing that there is some "book keeping" function IOS is doing which renders the processor unavailable.

From the time I notice that the screen is stuck until it gets unstuck is typically between one and three minutes. This appears to happen at random. I have turned off as many automatic features which require the CPU and this has reduced the frequency of screen freezing but not eliminated it. I fixed it by replacing the screen. I thought it was the software issue, but it is not. Michael Pierce michaelpierce. This method should probably fix the issue: Start by resetting your phone, if this doesn't work or if starts happening more frequently then the problem could be the new glass is separating a little too far from the active touchscreen, this is especially prevalent with replaced screens because you have different glass in there than when it was manufactured.

You basically just have to massage your phone gently but firmly all over the screen and it should put the glass back in more consistent contact with the touchscreen. If this doesn't work you can try a full reset of your phone, or go to apple. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Hi, bought an iPhone 6 Plus on eBay.

iPhone: Fix Touch Screen is not Responding Properly

It seems to do it particularly if left untouched for a while. I did a restore in DFU mode and it's still doing it. It's 16 months old so out of warranty with Apple. Does it sound like a software issue or a hardware one? Thanks in advance for any replies. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo.

Part 1: Force Restart to fix iPhone touch screen not working issue

Score You can voice yourself more and spread that word at: I have had this same issue with Iphone 6 for three months and have had the screen replaced 3 times - Try turning off the fingerprint sensor TouchID I did this, then force restarted my phone and have not had the problem since.

Hope this is helpful to some of you! Browse Our Store. Ever fixed something? Share your repair story with ImAGenius. We Are All Geniuses. Most Helpful Newest Oldest. Chosen Solution. Maybe it was just a matter of reseating the screen connectors. Was this answer helpful? Score 4.

8 Solutions to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

Most Helpful Answer. Walter McCoy wamccoy Rep: Score 5. Fixed by twisting my phone. For real. James Lancaster Rep: Score 2. Moto Rides Rep: Score 1.